Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Indroducing Shape

Artists at English Landing are learning about a new art element this week... SHAPE!  There is so much to cover when exploring shape.  Kindergartners are working on identifying basic shapes and using them creatively in art.  1st and 2nd grade have been focusing on the geometric shape family, and 4th grade is experimenting with free-form and organic shapes.  Below are some of our new shape creations, as well as some lovely line projects that are finally finished up!  Check back very soon to see more about SHAPE.
After reading The Shape of Things, by Dayle Ann Dodds, Kindergartners each cut a shape out of paper, and turned it into a creative picture.  Ms. May asked each artist what the picture was and wrote the title in the corner.  This triangle turned into a boat!

"Me in the mountains"


1st graders learned about the Geometric shape family (square, triangle, circle, etc.  Shapes that relate to geometry)  Using only geometric shapes, they created a robot collage!

Robots in progress

Finished robot... or should we say Geo-bot!?

Finished Geo-bot

Finished Geo-bot

Finished Geo-bot

2nd graders are also reviewing the Geometric shape family.  They created a cityscape on black paper using only geometric shapes, and traced over the shapes with glue.

When the glue dried, we used chalk pastels to add color to the shapes.  Pastels are great for blending colors!

Busy (and messy) fingers :)


3rd grade is finishing their Gustav Klimt projects.  After painting them, we used markers to add line designs.

Line designs in progress.

Line designs in progress.
Finished product.

Finished product.

Finished product.
4th graders are working on a new collage project inspired by Henri Matisse.  This artist loved bright colors!

To begin, we created paintings that we later cut up to use in our collage... this!!

Next, we will add free-form and organic shapes on top.

5th grade took the art element of line to the third dimension when creating these wire sculptures.  Working with wire is like drawing in the air!

5th graders were able to "purchase" extra supplies for their sculptures.  They earned  art dollars by being focused on their work!
Our sculptures are awesome!  This one is a boxer.



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