Monday, September 17, 2012

Art Update: Line Exploration!



Our first art projects are looking pretty great.  We are nearing completion on several line-focused activities.  Below are some of our artworks in progress.  It is fun to see all of the different ways we can use this art element! 
Kindergarten got some cutting and gluing practice with this Piet Mondrian project.  We practiced cutting straight, black lines, and glued them on our paper vertically and horizontally...and in some cases diagonally as well!

After the glue dried, we painted some of the space between the lines with red, yellow, and blue tempera paint.

What a great time for little fingers to practice brush control!

1st grade made 3-dimensional art with lines!
After learning several paper bending/folding/twisting/gluing techniques, students used their problem solving skills to create beautiful, sturdy paper sculptures.
Wow!  3-D lines are fun.

2nd grade is looking at Starry Night, by Vincent van Gogh.  After carefully studying the painting, they drew their own swirling sky with oil pastel.  We used lines of all kinds to create our art.

After the oil pastel was finished, we painted over our lines with watercolor.  The oil pastel lines resist the watercolor paint like magic!

3rd grade Paul Klee landscapes, finished.

Close-Up.  We created the textured areas by adding salt to our wet watercolor paint.

4th grade is working hard to finish their Bad Hair Day project.  Soon they will be on display at English Landing!!

Close-up.  Cool lines!!

5th grade is finishing up their Take a Line For a Walk projects. 

After the lines are finished, students drew shapes and colored them in with colored pencil.  Beautiful!

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