Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Lookin' at LINE

To start off the year, English Landing students are studying the art element of LINE.  Lines may seem simple at first, but after a lot of studying and experimenting, we are discovering just how interesting and complex this lovely element can be.  Take a look below to see some photos of our line adventures.
Kindergartners practice making lines of all kinds with marker.

Kindergarten practice.

More practice... beautiful!

After practicing, Kindergarten made various lines with oil pastel.  We then painted over our lines with watercolor.  Learning to paint is fun!

1st grade created a lot of different lines with crayon.  We then painted the spaces between our lines with watercolor.

1st grade work in progress

1st grade work in progress

2nd grade went 3-dimensional with their lines!  We practiced our cutting, gluing, and problem solving skills while creating these line designs.

Nice lines, 2nd grade!

2nd grade completed work.

3rd grade learned about artist, Paul Klee.  After looking at his work for inspiration, students created a landscape line drawing.  We darkened our lines with black acrylic paint.  We used a piece of stiff mat board to add the paint instead of a brush. 

Another 3rd grade landscape.  The mat board creates such interesting lines!

4th grade Bad Hair Day project.  We are learning how to use lines in contrasting patterns and textures.  We even got to squeeze in a portrait lesson for this project!

5th grade is "taking a line for a walk".  Building up our lines makes such interesting designs.

5th grade projects in progress. 

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