Monday, December 10, 2012

Message from Miss Lieb :)

Hello English Landing Eagles!

I am so thankful that I've been able to student teach in such an amazing school and art classroom!  My graduation is Friday so this is my last week here!  It has been a pleasure being here and I'll miss it very much.

After their house of shapes creation, Kindergarten students explored patterns in art.

They created their own shapes...
and cut them out!

They traced their shapes to fill their whole page...

and filled their shapes in with patterns using crayons.
First Grade
After sketching out their self-portrait, "When I Grow Up", pictures, first graders used sharpie to outline their picture and colored them in with crayon.


 Students filled their entire white page full of details and color.

I interviewed some students about their projects :)


They are going to be extremely successful!
Second Grade
After learning about Wassily Kandinsky,second graders folded a square piece of paper into four smaller squares.  They used oil pastels to add solid/blended color to make the project more bold and lively!

Third Grade
Third grade is just completely finishing their Pablo Picasso art projects since they put on an incredible musical show last week and missed some art time.
Looks wonderful...take another look!
Fourth Grade
Fourth grade finished their Tar Beach projects and have been working on experimental paint mixing/blending skills. 
They have been practicing these techniques on this paper before they start a new project!

Fifth Grade
Fifth grade has been continuing their Andy Warhol portrait, Pop Art project.  They played a game that reviewed color schemes called "Who Wants to be a Color Extraordinaire?".  I created this game based off of "Who Wants to be a Millionaire?".  Fifth grade worked together to win!
Fifth grade is one work day away from finishing this fabulous project.
All across the board...there are awesome things happening in art!
*Have a great Winter Break* 

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