Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Actual and Implied Texture

3rd graders discovered the difference between actual texture and implied texture.  Actual texture means that the object has real texture that you can feel with your hand.  Implied texture means that the object looks like it has texture, but really it is only an illusion.  Our projects that we created include both kinds of texture!
Students started with a texture hunt activity.  They had to draw a picture of something with an implied texture (like this soft cape!), then they had to find an object in the classroom with an actual soft texture.

Now for the fun part!  Students made some lines with Elmer's glue on a small piece of card stock.  When the glue dried, we covered the card stock with heavy duty foil, and gently rubbed with our finger to make the texture of the glue appear. 

Students used slightly dull pencils to press different patterns into each area.  These patterns had actual texture.

Finally, we glued the foil to a black construction paper background, and continued the patterns with metallic marker.  These designs had implied texture.

Finished product.


  1. gosto deer alguma coisa apreender sei faz de estanho mas gostava de apreender mais obrigada por esta oportunidade