Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Marigolds Collage

For this collage project, 1st grade learned about warm and cool colors.  We also learned how to weave.  Wow!  We are growing up to be talented artists.
After a warm and cool color lesson, students traced circle shapes onto a paper, and painted them with warm colors only.  The warm colors are red, yellow, and orange!

We used all the painting techniques that we learned earlier in the year.  Look at those lovely blended colors!

Hard at work!

We also learned to weave paper strips.  This is a tricky skill, but soon we all knew the over, under, over, under technique.
Our weavings would become our flower baskets!

We cut out our painted circles, and turned them into flowers.

Some students got very creative with the cutting and overlapping of the circle shapes.

We filled our baskets with warm colored marigolds.

They turned out great!

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