Monday, July 16, 2012

3rd Grade Art Show and Musical

3rd graders are performing their musical, How to be a Pirate, tonight at 7:00.  Make sure you arrive a few minutes early in order to view the 3rd Grade Art Show!  Every student will have work on display.  Work is located in the hallways on the way to the gym.
See below for information about the work on display.
3rd Grade Art Show
3rd grade has been focusing on two important art elements: shape and space.
In order to learn more about shapes, we studied the artist Pablo Picasso.  We noticed that the subjects in his abstract art are broken up into bold shapes.  Sometimes it’s hard to even recognize what the subject is!  After looking at Picasso’s interesting artwork, we began to design portraits in his cubist style.  It’s so fun to make abstract art because you get to change the shapes and positions of facial features to make an interesting design.  We painted our portraits with tempera paint and added details with oil pastels.

Next, we began learning about space.  Artists use several tricks in their artworks to create the illusion of space.  Objects in the foreground are large, making them appear close to you.  Objects in the background are small so they seem far away.  Background objects are also higher on the page than foreground objects.  We created our Harvest Moon projects to demonstrate how much we know about space.  We colored these landscapes with oil pastels.  Notice how we added shadows and highlights to make our artwork even more realistic!
So many Picasso Portraits!  Each 3rd grader has one on display for the art show.

Beautiful Harvest Moon landscapes on display for the art show.

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