Monday, July 16, 2012

Fooling Your Eyes

English Landing students are learning some fancy art "tricks".  We have added the art element of VALUE to our artist tool box.  Value refers to the lightness or darkness of a color.  It comes in handy when creating shadows and highlights in an artwork.  Check out our work below... you won't believe your eyes!!

5th grade  "How I Got to School Today" projects. 
These projects use one point linear perspective to create the illusion of space.  We are also focusing on value by creating shadows and highlights on objects in the drawings. 
Media: Colored Pencil

4th grade Op Art project.
 This project also has an illusion of space because it looks like a tunnel!  Students are using value to make the sections of their tunnel look curved.  Tricky!

3rd grade value practice painting. 
Students experimented with paint to create several tints and shades of a given color.  To make a tint, you add white to make the color lighter.  To make a shade, you add black to make it darker.  They will use this knowledge for an upcoming value project.
Media: Tempera Paint

2nd grade clay bug project.
 Soon they will be fired in the kiln and painted!

1st grade continues to focus on cutting and gluing shapes.  Our Eric Carle caterpillars are made with collage papers that we painted ourselves!  I can't wait to display these creations!!
Media: Tempera Paint and Construction Paper

Kinders read the book Harold and the Purple Crayon.  After that, we had a figure drawing lesson so that we could create  realistic self portraits.  We cut and glued our portraits to a magical purple crayon background.  What would YOU make if you had a magic purple crayon??  This student's work is titled "Tree House With T-Rex and Lion".
Media: Construction Paper Crayons on black paper

Harold and the Purple Crayon project:  "Outer Space".
Media: Construction Paper Crayons on black paper

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