Monday, July 16, 2012

"When A Line Bends, A Shape Begins"

We are finishing up our line units at English Landing.  Even though we will continue to use lines in all of our future projects, we are beginning to shift our focus to the art element of SHAPE.  Learning about shapes is important at every grade level.  Younger students are focusing on identifying and drawing various 2-dimensional shapes (square, circle, oval, triangle, star, etc.).  The middle grades take that a step further as they consider ways to arrange these shapes into interesting and successful art compositions.  They also distinguish the difference between shape families (geometric, free-form, and organic).  Older grades will focus more on 3-dimensional shapes (cube, sphere, pyramid, cylinder, etc.).  Not only will they use 3-dimensional forms in sculpture, but they will also learn how to create the illusion of a 3-dimensional shape on flat paper.  Take a look at our finished line projects, as well as a few of our new shape projects!!

Kindergarten has completed their magnificent Mondrian project.  We practiced brush control by painting inside the lines we glued last week.

We love sculpture!  1st grade made their lines 3-dimensional by bending, folding, twisting, and gluing paper strips into creative sculptures.  Wow!  They look great in the display case.

2nd grade continues to work on their van Gogh Starry Night projects.  After we made lines in the sky, we painted with watercolor and cut shapes to create buildings with windows.  Almost finished!

3rd grade is learning about Pablo Picasso.  We discussed realistic and abstract art, and then used that knowledge to create realistic  and abstract portraits.  These sketches will help us create our paintings later on.

Bad Hair Day on display.

This practice sheet helps 4th grade brainstorm about the shapes needed to create houses and boats.  We are preparing to begin a watercolor landscape next week!  After all of our practice, adding houses and boats to our landscape will be a piece of cake!

5th grade wire sculptures.  I am so impressed by my students' creativity and problem solving abilities.

5th grade wire sculptures.... WOW!!

5th grade is beginning a still life unit.  They are using lines to create the shapes of various beach objects (shells, starfish, sand dollars, feathers).  We are learning to be careful observers in order to make our drawings look exactly like the objects we are viewing.

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