Monday, July 16, 2012

Primary Painter Challenge

After several fun learning activities, E.L. students' knowledge of color is put to the test... it's time for the primary painter's challenge!  Students are required to create several different colors using ONLY the primary colors (red, yellow and blue).  Younger grades focus on making the three secondary colors (green, orange and violet).  Second grade is even attempting some tricky intermediate colors during their challenge (red violet, blue violet, yellow green, blue green, red orange and yellow orange).  Fifth grade students have the hardest challenge of all- creating neutral colors!  Have you ever tried to create a perfect peach using only primary colors?  Or tan?  Or cream?  Not an easy task! 

Why not just buy a bottle of paint in the color that you need?  Why take the extra time to mix?  Mixing colors not only significantly deepens a child's understanding of color, but the mixed colors have a much richer look than paint straight out of the bottle.  Take a look below to see the subtle beauty of our blended color experiments.

Kindergarteners were challenged to make all the secondary colors... without making brown!

What a great way to experiment with colors!

1st grade reviewed warm and cool colors during this collage project.  Students chose whether to make a warm colored sky or a cool sky, and then used torn paper pieces to make clouds.

Students got some painting practice by adding a winter tree over the collage background.  We studied tree branches closely to make sure our paintings looked realistic.

2nd grade primary painter challenge!  I think I see some blue green in this one!

2nd grade primary painter challenge.

2nd grade primary painter challenge.

3rd grade takes a break from color to begin a weaving project.  These kids LOVE to weave!!

4th grade clay projects are all painted.  Next step:  weaving fiber and textile designs in the middle.

5th grade color mixing project.  Students did a great job mixing the colors needed for their portraits.

What a gorgeous paint palette!!

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