Monday, July 16, 2012

Color Continued

English Landing students are in the midst of an exciting color adventure!  Take a look below to view some photos of our color activities and projects. 

Kindergarten experimented with color mixing by overlapping pieces of primary colored tissue papers.  When water is added to the tissue, the colors mix together!

Kindergarten used their tissue paper project as part of a winter wonderland collage.  So beautiful....  and sparkly!

1st grade color wheel activity.  We used primary colors icing to mix all of the secondary colors.  After that, we frosted cookies with our colorful icing, and arranged them on our color wheel place mat.  Yum!  What a delicious project.

Completed Yummy Color Wheel seconds before being devoured by 1st graders!

2nd grade collage project.  We used our warm and cool paintings to create an ocean and sunset, and then added sailboats.

3rd grade tint and shade painting makes a beautiful background for a graceful winter tree.

4th grade takes a break from color to begin a clay project.

4th grade clay project in progress.

5th grade begins a complicated color project.  For the first step, they review tints and shades by creating this apple painting. 

Using tints and shades to paint the apple gives it a realistic, 3-dimensional look.

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