Monday, July 16, 2012

We Love Weaving!

We are practicing a new skill... weaving!  Weaving can be done in many creative ways with lots of different materials.  When we first learn to weave at E.L., we start by weaving paper strips.  As students get older, they learn to weave using yarn, string, ribbons, lace, and fabric. 

Below you will find photos of our weavings in progress.  You will also find a few color activities!

Kinders turned their primary painters challenge paper into super cute and colorful owls!

Whooooo knows about primary colors?  We do!!

1st graders learned that sometimes art can show feelings.  We discussed several famous abstract paintings and tried to decide what feeling the artist expressed with his color and line choices.  Students then used crayons to make lines that were happy, sad, excited, relaxed, etc.

We listened to different types of music to get us in the mood as we drew our lines.  It was fun!

After drawing lines with feelings, we discussed how colors can show feelings too!  We read the book My Many Colored Days by Dr. Seuss to help us figure out how different colors can give a certain feeling, and then painted our papers with watercolor.

Beautiful abstract art!  Ask your first grader to explain the feelings he or she showed in this painting.

2nd graders turned their primary painter's challenge papers into a beautiful woven artwork.  This was their first experience with weaving, so we started off by learning the "over-under-over-under" technique. 

After weaving their paper looms with strips painted paper, some students got creative by weaving ON TOP of their weaving!

3rd graders build on their knowledge of weaving by using some new materials- YARN! 

When we finished our weavings, we were able to remove them from the cardboard looms.  Our fiber art is now ready to take home!

4th graders develop their creative and problem solving skills during their weaving unit.  After creating individual decorative looms out of clay, each student chose several different types of materials to weave within the frame. 

Ms. May has a GIANT collection of yarn, string, lace, fabric, ribbon, beads, sequins and other materials to choose from, and sometimes it's tricky to figure out how to incorporate items without them falling apart.  Building our weavings took a lot of hard work, but we successfully completed them...  and they look BEAUTIFUL!

5th grade Rene Magritte project.  Look familiar?  We based our project off the famous painting "Son of Man".

This project gave us tons of good painting practice.  Students had ONLY primary colors (plus black and white) to create all the colors they needed for the portraits.

After students finished painting, we used oil pastels to create smaller details on top of the paint.

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