Monday, July 16, 2012

Lines of all Kinds

Students at English Landing are currently learning about LINES.  Line is a super important Element of Art because it is used so frequently and in many different ways!!  We have been examining lines in the work of master artists, finding lines in the world around us, and most importantly, using them in our own art!  Lines may seem simple, but we have found that there are endless possibilities when it comes to this art element.  See for yourself!  Below are some pictures of our explorations in line.
Kindergarten line practice

Kindergarten line painting. 

Kindergarten took line to the third dimension using pipe cleaners.  Fun!

1st grade Crazy Cactus project in progress.  Fabulous line designs!

3rd grade Klimt Quilt project in progress.  This project is based on the work of Gustav Klimt, an Art Nouveau artist who loved to create patterns with lines and shapes.

2nd grade Keith Haring project.  Haring's artwork has some awesome examples of line!  Look him up.

2nd grade Keith Haring work in progress

4th grade Bad Hair Day work in progress.  Combines portrait lessons with.... line!!!

5th grade Figure Drawing practice.  We are using lines and shapes to draw the human body accurately.

Keep visiting for more updates on our LINE units in art class!!

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