Monday, July 16, 2012

More Lovely Lines

We are continuing our line adventure in the art room!  Next up...  SHAPES!  Stay tuned.

Kindergarten gets practice with scissors and glue by creating this Mondrian inspired project.  Work in progress.

Crazy Cactus is all finished and on display!  What a fun and funky project.  Great job 1st grade!

2nd grade has started a project inspired by the artist Vincent van Gogh.  These swirling lines create a beautiful starry night sky.

3rd graders add line patterns to their Klimt Quilts with markers.  Almost done!

4th grade continues to work on the Bad Hair Day project.  The lines are fabulous... and the portraits show so much emotion!  Their practice really paid off.

5th grade is continuing the Figure Unit by drawing real live student models!  This student begins a drawing of her classmate with a gesture sketch to make sure the proportions are correct.

5th grade expands their knowledge of the human figure by creating these wire sculptures.  Students are able to use lines in a whole new way with this medium!  It's like "drawing in space".

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