Monday, July 16, 2012

Crazy About Color!

It's that time of year!  Students at E.L. seem to leave the art room a little more paint-smudged than usual...  Ms. May's sink is overflowing with paint palettes, brushes, and water bowls...  bottles of magic potion (that's right, MAGIC POTION!) cover the tables.  We are learning about COLOR!

Wow, are we excited!  Color is one of the most complicated (and fun!) art elements.  Younger grades are discovering color mixing magic by using the primary colors (red, yellow, blue) to make the secondary colors (orange, green, violet).  Older students will build on this knowledge as they study the color wheel.  They will learn about several different color schemes (warm, cool, complementary, neutral, analogous, monochromatic, etc.), and how to create tints, shades, and intermediate colors. 

Take a look below to see our introductory color activities and experiments.  These kids are on their way to becoming color geniuses!

Color mixing MAGIC!  Kindergarten watched Ms. May use primary colored magic potion to create the three secondary colors.

After reading the book Mouse Paint by Ellen Stoll Walsh, Kinders got a chance to mix secondary colors from primary colors.  Great job, kiddos!

In the book Mouse Paint, the mice decide to jump into puddles of primary colored paint.  They jumped so much they mixed them into secondary colors! 

Our finished Mouse Paint projects look awesome!
Media: tempera paint and sharpie marker.

1st graders read a book about color called Painting the Town, by Denise Minnerly.  After the story, each student painted his or her own town.  They only had primary colored paint (red, yellow, blue) on their palettes, and look at all of the fabulous secondary colors they were able to create!

 The outlines and windows were printed with a piece of cardboard and black tempera paint.

Painted Towns.


2nd grade is learning about cool colors (blue, green, violet)....

and warm colors (red, orange, yellow)!!  We will use these lovely painted papers for a collage project.

3rd grade used tints and shades to create a painting of a moonlit nighttime sky.  Such a beautiful background for our winter trees that we are currently working on!

Finished 4th grade Op Art project.  I am proud of 4th grade for working sooo hard on this project!!

How I Got to School Today project.  5th grade created the illusion of space in these creative projects.

How I Got to School Today.
Media: colored pencil.

How I Got to School Today.
Media: colored pencil.

How I Got to School Today.
Media: colored pencil.

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