Monday, July 16, 2012

Art Club Info.

5th grade art club will be coming soon!!  What a great way for my older kids to experience some more advanced art materials and techniques.  Check out this chandelier project from last year, which I found in an Arts and Activities magazine.  This Dale Chihuly inspired project was targeted towards high school students...  but I knew our amazing English Landing 5th graders could do it!!!  Even I could not believe how stunning the end product would be.
Our chandelier hangs above the round table in our art room.  A very special thanks to our 2011 Spring Art Club.

Close up!

This project is recycled from plastic water bottles.  Students cut the bottles into interesting shapes, and used a heat gun to slightly melt the bottles and give them the look of Chihuly's glass sculptures (Adult supervision needed for this part.  You can get similar results using a hair dryer, and it's not as hot!).  Finally students painted their sculptures with with acrylic paint, and added wire and colored cellophane for more detail.  I wired the individual sculptures to a regular old hanging basket (salvaged from my mom's garden shed!) and added a string of lights to the inside.  Ta-dah!  Trash to treasure.

For more info on this project, reference Arts and Activities May 2010.  Or just stop by the art room and I can tell you all about it!

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